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Ajae Whittaker

2012, 2013, and 2014 

All Star Teams

Name: Ajae Whittaker
College affiliation: University of Michigan
Course of study: Architecture
Degree: Bachelor of Science
Year: 2014
Hometown: Wolverine, MI
Collegiate Coach: Naji and Jacqueline Husseini
Weight Class: Light
Year of Birth: 1992
Interests: Running, Hunting, and spending time with family and friends

Other Tournament Record:

2011 AOMA Nationals Point Team Sparring: 1st
2011 AOMA Nationals Point Ind. Sparring: 2nd
2011 AOMA Nationals Team Poomsae: 1st
2011 AOMA Nationals Ind. Poomsae: 1st

2009 AAU Nationals Point Sparring: 1st
2009 AAU Nationals Olympic Sparring: 3rd

2008 AAU Jr. Olympics Point Sparring: 1st
2008 AAU Jr. Olympics Olympic Sparring: 1st
2008 AAU Jr. Olympics Team Poomsae: 1st
2008 AAU Jr. Olympics Ind. Poomsae: 2nd

2007 AAU Nationals Olympic Sparring: 1st
2007 AAU Nationals Point Sparring: 3rd

2004 AAU Nationals Point Sparring: 2nd
2004 AAU Nationals Olympic Sparring: 3rd


Thoughts about the ECTC (INCTL) or Taekwondo in general:

My parents put me in Taekwondo when I was six years old hoping it would encourage me to speak up more in school. They never imagined the sport to stay with me this long and provide me the many opportunities it has. Taekwondo has enabled me to travel to various places and meet many new people I am very grateful for. Since my training has begun with the University if Michigan I feel as though all of my previous years of training are starting to come together with the help and suppot of my peers. It is a very welcoming environment and has enabled me to add many new people to my Taekwondo Family. I believe the ECTC only supports this type of environment with the way school's can recieve points based on their teams effort. One becomes aware that they can not only strive to improve themselves but their teammates as well.

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