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The ECTC dues for the 2023-2024 season will be $150. To register electronically, please have a club official fill out the registration form below. If you wish to submit this form by mail please follow the instruction hereTo join the ECTC please have a club official fill out the registration form below and mail to the address specified or electronically.

When you pay your club dues, your club is entitled to the following for the academic year:


1) A lower competitor rate for ECTC tournaments. If your club has not paid its dues, competitors from your school must pay $10 extra per competitor to participate to compete in a sanctioned league tournament.


2) Inclusion in the league standings. Your club can not be considered in contention for a year-end league trophy and will not be listed in the league rankings on the website until you pay your club dues.  

3) A profile and link on the ECTC webpage.

4) Eligibility for the All-Star Team*. Your club must have paid club dues both last year and this year to have members who are eligible for consideration on the ECTC All-Star Team.

If your school requires a W-9 form from the ECTC (INCTL) to submit payment, please click here to download the INCTL W-9 form.

If you would like to pay electronically, please follow these steps:


  1. Complete the form below and click SUBMIT

  2. In the confirmation message, please click on the link to continue to payment. 

For any questions, please email

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