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Frequently Asked Questions

League Participation:


Q: Who can join ECTC and what is the process?


A: Any Taekwondo Team from an accredited college is allowed to join the ECTC.



Q: How do I become a league member?


A: To join the league, please complete the ECTC Club Registration and pay $100 for the league dues to the mailing address on the form. Please refer to the website to learn more about benefits of joining the league.    


Tournament Registration:


Q: Do competitors have to be students?


A: Yes, competitors must be full-time students with a valid Student ID in order to compete.



Q: How do I register for a tournament?


A: Each school needs to request a registration spreadsheet link by emailing the Monday before competition weekend.





Q: What are the various weight classes?


A: Each sex has 3 weight classes as follows.  If the competitor is in full dobok and belt, they have an extra 2 lb allowance- this 2 lb allowance is not included in the table.



Q: How do weigh-ins work?


A:  Competitors must weigh in before they are eligible to compete in a tournament. Each competitor only has two official attempts to make weight. If a competitor does not make weight, then he or she is allowed to move to a different weight class. Such team changes must be communicated to a Tournament Committee member before the start of the tournament.



Q: What is the early weigh-in requirement?


A: All teams with more than 10 competitors must weigh in at least 24 hours before the start of tournament. However,  all teams are encouraged to weigh in the day before the tournament. Early weigh ins can occur either at the tournament location or through remote weigh-ins.




Q: If I don’t have daedo socks, what do I do?


A: The ECTC has socks available for rental at the head table of each competition. The rental price is $20/pair and you must provide your Student ID. You can pick up your Student ID upon returning your socks.


Q: What do I need in order to compete?


A:  Mandatory Items needed for competition:

  • Uniform

  • Belt

Sparring athletes:

  • Helmet

  • World Taekwondo-Style Gloves

  • Mouthpiece

  • Chest protector (for C-team divisions)

  • Forearm Guards

  • Shin guards

  • Instep guards (or Daedo e-socks for A and B-team divisions)

  • Groin protector (for men)



Tournament Operations:


Q: Tournament starts at 9am. When do I need to arrive?


A: If the tournament starts at 9am, then most likely registration begins at 8am. You must be completely registered and weighed in prior to the start of competition. Also, important information will be passed along during Opening Ceremonies and the Black Belt meeting which occur prior to 9am. Therefore, we suggest that you arrive at the start of registration to provide ample time to participate in the important activities prior to the start of the tournament itself.



Q: What is a good source for improving my team’s poomsae performance?


A: which is the Team Page of the USA National Poomsae Team.





Q: What are A, B, and C teams?


A: A, B, and C teams refer to same-school sparring teams at a specific belt level. A team refers to sparring competitors who are blue belt or higher (advanced level). B teams refer to sparring competitors who are green through red belts (intermediate level), and C teams refer to sparring competitors who are white, yellow, and green belts (beginner level).




Q: My team needs to leave before Closing Ceremony. Can we collect our medals and trophies before we leave?


A: Yes, you may inquire with head table about receiving your medals or trophies. For poomsae and sparring medals, we will confirm with our results prior to handing out the medals. For tournament trophies, if we are able to determine that your placement will not change by the end of the tournament, then we can award you your trophy. If not, the host school will contact your team about how best to award you.  

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