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Andy Guatemala

2016 All-Star Team

Name: Andy Guatemala

College affiliation: MIT
Course of study: Aerospace Engineering
Degree: Bachelors
Year: 2016
Hometown: Mexico City
Collegiate Coach: Master Dan Chuang

Other Coach: 
Weight Class: Welter
Year of Birth: 1994

Interests outside of Taekwondo:

Outside of taekwondo, I love competitive horseback riding. I also enjoy swimming, running and snowboarding

More about NAME: xxx

Thoughts on the ECTC (INCTL) or Taekwondo in general: 

I started Taekwondo in Mexico when I was 10 years old and competed consistently until 2009 when I moved to Texas. When I arrived at MIT, I began competing in ECTC and I fell in love with taekwondo all over again. The team atmosphere was something new for me and something I have come to really enjoy. I also have loved the opportunity to interact with people from different schools and become close friends with many of them. I am looking forward to staying involved with the ECTC for a long time!

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