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ECTC All-Star Team Travels to California for Joint Training

Los Angeles, CA - (Jan. 13, 2019)

The Eastern Collegiate Taekwondo Conference team, consisting of 10 athletes and 3 coaches, traveled to Los Angeles to train with several area schools on Jan 10-13, 2019. Athletes were selected by the All-Star selection committee on the basis of their competitive excellence in the league, as well as for their leadership and sportsmanship. 


Traveling with the team were George Chen (New York U.), Matt Galea (West Point), Liana Gonsalves (Cornell U.), Gabriel Gonzalez Diaz (Boston U.) Andrew Hurd (Northeastern U.), Marine-Ayan Ibrahim Aibo (Cornell U.), Halee Kim (Cornell U.), Joseph Nechleba (Cornell U.), Taylor Reim (West Point), and Ashley Rivera (West Point). Also named to the team but unable to travel were Jed Caluag (Boston U.) and Memie Osuga (Harvard U.). Gonsalves and Hurd were named on the basis of their poomsae excellence in 2018, with the remainder of the athletes chosen for their sparring performance during the year. Athletes had to participate in at least 3 league tournaments in 2018. 


Traveling with the team as coaches were Yvette Boon (Boston U.), Dan Chuang (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and Andrew Park (New York U.), who also worked with the athletes throughout the trip.


The sparring athletes participated in training with Coach Richard Lee of Tae Ryong Taekwondo, as well as with Coach Chase Graham and Coach Jimmy Kim of Jimmy Kim's Taekwondo Center. Attending the workouts were high level athletes, including collegiate athletes from the University of California, San Diego, and the University of California, Irvine, and many junior and senior athletes from multiple area schools including King's Taekwondo, Elite Taekwondo Center, and others. Said athlete Halee Kim, "I enjoyed sparring and meeting different athletes from the West Coast and getting to know everyone on the All-Star Team as well".


The sparring athletes trained with Coach Sang Jae Lee of Dowongyuleui USA, and Coach Jung Jin of Eagles Taekwondo. Attending the workouts were multiple national team members and world medalists. Said Gonsalves, "I enjoyed getting to know the athletes in the league better, and working with the coaches as well on ... my balance, strength and power."


Said ECTC director Dan Chuang, "These annual trips are not only a great reward for our league's student leaders and top athletes, but a great way for them to appreciate what other taekwondo coaches and athletes are doing around the country. Thank you to everyone who showed us their wonderful hospitality and shared their love of taekwondo!"


Special thanks to our sponsor, Mooto USA (James Kim) for providing the team jackets, shirts and uniforms!

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