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Hijab Khan

2015 All-Star Team


Name: Hijab Khan
College affiliation: Cornell University
Course of study: Biology
Degree: Bachelors
Year: 2015
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Collegiate Coach: Han Cho, Grandmaster Sun Ki Chong
Weight Class: Fin
Year of Birth: 1994
Interests: Reading, eating, traveling and watching Netflix.


Thoughts about the ECTC (INCTL) or Taekwondo in general:

I practically grew up in my dojang at home, having started taekwondo there when I was 7. It was very difficult to leave it when I moved to Ithaca. But as soon as I arrived on campus, I found the Cornell taekwondo team. From there, I joined the ECTC, and I couldn't be more grateful. As highly competitive as the league is, it is first and foremost a family, and I am so happy to be a part of it.


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