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Vivian Chen

2014 Female MVP












College affiliation: Cornell University
Course of study: Hotel Administration
Degree: Bachelors
Year: 2014


Hometown: New York, NY
Collegiate Coach: Master Han Cho
Weight Class: Welter
Year of Birth: 1992


ECTC Tournament Record:

2012 Cornell Tournament - A-Team Sparring, Quarters
2012 Princeton Tournament - A-Team Sparring, Quarters
2011 MIT Tournament - A-Team Sparring, Bronze

Thoughts on the ECTC (INCTL) or Taekwondo in general:

I have been doing Taekwondo since I was 6, and competed at the national level for several years. I took a 5 year hiatus all of high school and my first year of college, during which I rowed varsity crew. I returned back to Taekwondo at Cornell, and I fell in love with the sport again. The feeling of going into a ring and sparring is such an amazing feeling that I never thought I would experience again. The ECTC is a great community that nurtures and brings together competitors from all different schools. The league challenges and supports us to be better Taekwondoists.


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