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Alanna Todd

2016 All-Star Team

Name: Alanna Todd

College affiliation: Cornell University 
Course of study: Biological Sciences
Degree: Bachelors
Year: 2016
Hometown: Syracuse, NY
Collegiate Coach: Han Cho

Weight Class: Heavy
Year of Birth: 1995

Interests outside of Taekwondo:

Soccer, snowboarding, drawing, food

Thoughts on the ECTC (INCTL) or Taekwondo in general: 

Competing in my first ECTC tournament was a turning point in my Tae Kwon Do career, and what truly got me hooked! I joined the Tae Kwon Do PE class at Cornell without ever thinking that it would be something I ended up competing in, or that it would end up becoming so important to me. Coming up through the ranks, while competing in the ECTC at every step along the way, greatly shaped my collegiate experience. We are so lucky that we have an organization that provides an opportunity for people of all skill levels and experience to compete, grow, and enjoy Tae Kwon Do together.

Non-ECTC Tournament Records:

2015 NCTA Championships - Gold, Red belt sparring (middle/heavy)

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