Registering Competitors in League Tournaments



To register, please request a registration link by filling out the Google Form below two Thursdays before competition. Your team will be allowed to edit your registration spreadsheet until the Thursday before competition weekend at 10pm. Once that deadline has passed, your team's access to your registration spreadsheet will change from 'edit' to 'view only'. Any additional team changes should be requested either by sending us an email, by making the request when your team weighs in, or by notifying the TC member who asks for a team representative to confirm the teams the morning of the tournament. If you have any questions about any of this, please email  

Note: For the ECTC Tournament at Brown University on Sunday, November 24, you have until Thursday, November 14 to request a registration link and weigh-in time. 

Penalty and Late Fees

Given the significant increase in tournament size and the number of schools participating over the past few years, the Tournament Committee has noticed other areas of the tournament preparation process where if a change occurs, this significantly affects our volunteer TC members and our ability to provide a good competition experience. As a result, please note of the following penalty and late fees:

Canceling Registration

If your school requests a registration link and decides to not compete at the tournament, please email by the registration deadline which is 10PM Thursday before the tournament informing the Tournament Committee (TC) of your cancellation. If your school fails to inform TC of your registration cancellation by the registration deadline, then your school will be fined $50. 

Changing Remote Weigh-in Time

Coordinating remote weigh-ins for all schools the day prior to competition requires the time of many volunteer TC members. You may request changes to your weigh-in time prior to receipt of your weigh-in time confirmation. If your school changes your remote weigh-in time after you have received a confirmation email of your time and assigned TC member, your team will be fined $50. If your school requests a change to your remote weigh-in time before the appointment begins on the day of weigh-ins, then your school will be fined $75. If your school fails to show up at the assigned time of your weigh-in, you will be charged $100.


Late Fees

Any competitors registered after the 10 pm Thursday night deadline will be charged a fee of $10/late competitor.