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Matthew Galea

2016 Male MVP
2017 All-Star Team

Name: Matthew Galea

College affiliation: United States Military Academy at West Point
Course of study: Mechanical Engineering
Degree: Bachelors
Year: 2019
Hometown: Coppell, TX
Collegiate Coach: CPT Jeremy White

Other Coach: MAJ Greg Bew, Master Sang Cha
Weight Class: Fin, Fly
Year of Birth: 1996

Interests outside of Taekwondo:

I am a huge fan of snowboarding and try to go as often as I can.

More about Matthew: 

I came to West Point with a desire to serve our country and plan on commissioning upon graduation under the Army's Aviation branch in hopes of flying helicopters.

Thoughts on the ECTC (INCTL) or Taekwondo in general: 

ECTC tournaments contain the most fun I have had doing taekwondo and it continually reminds me why I love the sport so much. Taekwondo was my first sport and has been a huge majority of my life. Before going to college, it was literally my one priority and I committed all the time I could to it. I owe the sport a lot of credit because it has shaped me into the person I am today. Beyond the thrill of competition, I love the league's emphasis on being a team. It has allowed me to make some truly amazing friends and meet great people, athletes, and coaches.

Non-ECTC Tournament Records:
2016 NCTA Collegiate Nationals - 2nd Place
2015 Pan American University Championships - 1st Place
2011 USAT U.S. Open - 2nd Place

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